Boxer Equipment Introduces all-new and redesigned CE Certified Models

Boxer Equipment recently introduced the all-new and redesigned Boxer 375 and Boxer 385D mini-skid steers.

These new offerings now include CE certification, shared platforms, operator hip/thigh padding and side bolsters to improve operator comfort and encapsulate side-to-side movement, hydraulic braking motors with switch activated park brake, horn and CE compliant decals, markings and guarding.

The Boxer 375 (formerly Boxer 320) has been renamed to reflect the machine’s 35 per cent rated operating capacity of tip load and has been upgraded to include a Kohler EFI, 25hp petrol engine. The Kohler EFI engine replaces the previous Kohler 20.5hp[ carburetted engine boasting an 18 per cent horsepower increase and increased torque output. The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) replaces the previous carburetted engine for up to 25 per cent better fuel efficiency, improved engine recovery, quicker starting and no longer requires the use of a choke when starting. The Boxer 375 will begin rolling off the production line in April 2021.

The Boxer 385D (formerly Boxer 322DCE) has been renamed to reflect the machines35 per cent rated operating capacity of tip load and has been upgraded from a Kubota D902, 21.8hp @ 3000 RPM diesel engine to a Kubota D902, 24.8hp diesel engine at 3600 RPM. The new engine spec improves available horsepower by 12 per cent and increases engine torque, providing more power to get jobs done faster and more efficiently. The Boxer 385D will also be available soon at a dealer near you.

Both machines feature paddle type controls with direct linkage valves and two-pump hydraulic system providing efficient power transfer between the engine and hydraulic system. Additional improvements include a steel welded universal attachment plate for increased strength and durability and powder coat finish for improved aesthetics and finish.

Rounding out the Boxer mini-skid steer line are the Boxer 700HDX and Boxer 600HD featuring greater operating capacity, dual hydrostatic drive systems and joystick controls for ease of use and optimal performance. Combined with over 50 base attachments available, Boxer mini-skid steers are designed to knock work out.

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