Bobcat zero-turn mowers

Bobcat zero-turn mowers are from the company best known for its high-quality compact earthmoving and construction machines. Landscape Contractor Magazine spoke to a couple of very happy new owners.

Bobcat of Australia is offering six zero turns in its current range: the ZT2000, ZT3000, ZT3500, ZT6000, ZT6100 and ZT7000. The first two are offered for residential use while the ZT3500 is marked ‘entry-level commercial’. The last three are commercial.


The ZT2000 is the perfect zero-turn mower for those who want durability and a professional cut at an affordable price. Equipment includes a Kawasaki FR series engine for powerful, pro-grade performance, and innovative Hydro- Gear ZT-2800 hydrostatic transaxles which deliver smooth and simple operation with heavy-duty output torque and ground speeds up to around 11kph.

A 1.5” x 2.5” steel-tubed frame is lightweight and rugged, and the 42”, 48” or 52” TufDeck cutting system has durable, steel-fabricated spindle assemblies to handle the toughest jobs, while a high-backed spring suspension seat keeps the driver comfortable.

An impact-resistant, 3.8-gallon fuel capacity keeps the machine at work.

A 1.5″ x 2.5″ steel-tubed frame is lightweight and rugged, and the 42″, 48″ or 52″ TufDeck cutting system has durable, steel-fabricated spindle assemblies to handle the toughest jobs. Image: Bobcat


The ZT3000 has dependable Kawasaki FT series engine matched with a commercial-grade transmission, and Hydro- Gear ZT-3100 hydrostatic transaxles provide reliability and speed to tackle turf faster.

The unit’s constructed with a lightweight, durable, 1.5” x 2.5” steel tubed frame, and the 48”, 52” or 61” TufDeck Pro cutting system features professional-grade, castaluminum or steel-fabricated spindles for maximum durability and high-quality results.


Convenient maintenance and all-day mowing comfort combine with a powerful Kawasaki FX series engine and durable Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 hydrostatic transaxles to give the ZT3500 superior all-day performance.

Other features include:
• Professional-grade, cast-aluminum or steel-fabricated spindle assemblies
• 23″ drive tyres
• Optimal user comfort
• Dual fuel tanks, and
• Quick ground speeds.

Optimal user comfort, dual fuel tanks, and quick ground speeds feature on the ZT3500. Image: Bobcat

Well capable

Mark Hardes spends his weekdays slashing roadsides near Singleton in NSW. On weekends he’s a gun for hire, looking after lawns for some very fastidious property owners. His recent move to a ZT2000 has made a big impact on his lawn-maintenance work. Is Mark happy with his new Bobcat?

“Mate! I love it,” he grinned.

“The build’s excellent. It’s all solid steel, which I was quite amazed with, ’cos when I first searched online I thought it was a pressed deck. But when I finally went and had a look, it has a fabricated steel deck.”

And it’s not just the quality of the build which impressed Mark.

“It’s knocked that much time off my work,” he continued. “I was using a 48” before I bought this 52” Bobcat, and it was taking between four and five hours to do one lawn. The Bobcat’s knocked my time down to three hours.”

We pointed out the ZT2000 was a residential mower, but Mark wouldn’t hear about quibbles like that. As far as he’s concerned, the Bobcat is more than capable of doing the work he asks of it.

And not only do the work, but do it well.

“Quite a few of the lawns I do are three- or four-acre lawns. Most of them are manicured. The owners want their lawns looking nice – neat and tidy. The Bobcat leaves no wheel marks on any of their lawns,” he said, clearly in awe.

A brand with a big reputation. Image: Bobcat


Mick Duncan’s close proximity to Bobcat dealer Clark Equipment prompted him to drop in and check out the new zero turns when he was shopping for a new mower to keep his commercial property in good shape. Mike’s work history meant he knew what to look for.

“I went and looked at all the different mowers,” he explained. “I’m an ex-mechanic, so I probably over-analysed everything, but the Bobcats looked really well built. What other brands describe as their commercial spec tends to be entry-level spec on Bobcats. Bobcat’s chassis are a lot bigger and the frames look more solid.

“The other thing I wanted was a machine that had the ROPS on it, and I wanted a machine which could take a sun canopy as well.

“That was actually a bit of a consideration. That, and the 3500 has a serviceable transmission and a commercial motor.” Is Mike happy with his choice of a ZT3500? “Honestly, it’s unbelievable.

“Foot-long Kikuyu grass…it just mows through it and chucks it out, no problem.

“The old mower used to throw grass just outside of the chute. Any time you got in the big stuff it’d just block up and stall. I don’t know how many belts and clutches I broke on that thing. But the Bobcat throws grass a couple of metres out!” he said, amazed at the Bobcat’s performance, “And it spreads the clippings really evenly.”

Quality equipment

Bobcat’s zero-turn mowers are obviously every bit as good as all the machinery in the Bobcat range. For lawn-care professionals and property-maintenance contractors that means excellent ROI.

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Image: Bobcat of Australia


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