Blow leaves to oblivion with these AEG jets

As a landscaper or professional gardener, you’ll know better than most what autumn means – a never-ending supply of fallen leaves to clean up. That’s where AEG’s range of 18V and 58V jet-powered leaf blowers will not only make your job easier, it’ll make it so much quicker, too.

The AEG 58V Jet Blower’s (ABL58JB) powerful brushless motor and axial fan are designed to clear large amounts of debris by delivering a massive 544CFM air volume at a speed of 230km/h. The streamlined body and rear battery placement provides a well-balanced experience, which you’ll appreciate on longer jobs.

The variable speed trigger provides greater directional control and the lock-on cruise control button reduces fatigue. Hit the turbo button for that extra boost of power when you need to clear larger piles of debris.

For even bigger leaf-clearing jobs, the 58V Brushless Backpack Blower (ABL58BP) sends leaves and debris into orbit with a market-leading 700CFM of air volume at 260km/h. Even with all this power, because it’s battery powered it still has low noise levels – great for early-morning starts and late-evening jobs.

The dual battery ports allow it to be used with one or two batteries, giving you the option of extended runtime for those bigger jobs. Cruise control lets you lock on the power at the level you require. The turboboost trigger gives you more power when it’s needed, and it’s set on a 30-second timer that stops when the trigger is released or the time expires (to preserve battery power).

Being this powerful, it’s ideal for clearing leaves and debris from wide-open areas like car parks, roads, business parks, retirement villages, schools, hospitals and more.

But if you don’t need the additional power of the 58V range of outdoor power equipment and you’re already on the 18V power tool platform, the 18V FUSION Jet Blower (ABL18F) still packs plenty of punch – an impressive 465CFM at 200km/h.

It has all the features of a top-of-the-range model, like cruise control and turbo boost, with an added feature of a steel scraper ring on the front of the tube, designed for removing wet and stubborn debris from hard surfaces.

The AEG 18V FUSION Jet Blower is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre at only 2.1kg. Its heavy-duty brushless motor delivers increased performance, durability and longer runtimes compared to traditional brushed motors.

These jet blowers are part of AEG’s extensive range of outdoor power equipment. Check them out at

Available at Bunnings, Adelaide Tools, Tool Kit Depot or delivered direct to your site via the AEG Onsite team. Call Matt on 0438 110 636 and he’ll get them delivered to your site.

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