Biofilta Urban Garden Design

Biofilta has just launched a new modular, self-watering, advanced #wickingbed system for growing food.

So what?

Well, this product – made from recycled, food grade waste stream plastic – can be rapidly deployed to create urban farms on land typically not viable for agriculture. Salt affected, low lying land for example is almost impossible to grow food traditionally. The #Foodcube system is sealed and prevents contaminants from entering, so precious compost can be utilised without being affected. The bottom-up watering approach means that plants are fed via wicks from a reservoir in the module and therefore water is not lost from being sprayed on the surface or evaporated unnecessarily. Bottom-up watering discourages weed growth and once fi lled, will water plants for over a week in summer and up to a month in winter. This allows people to tend to much larger farms than normal as watering is a real chore. #Foodcube is always giving the plants what they need naturally. Great for holiday homes, too!

Well designed and maintained community gardens are a desirable form of green infrastructure that improve health, exercise, social contact, nutrition and property values. A recent study of over 500 community gardens in New York found that gardens generated an average US$2 million increase in property values within a 300m diameter distance from the gardens.

Biofilta is able to offer a turnkey solution for the property industry, designing gardens for any site, and installing, commissioning and maintaining these gardens into the future as required.

Key features of Biofilta urban farm design include:

  • Wicking garden beds water from the bottom, increasing water efficiency and maintaining a dry surface to prevent weed establishment
  • Adjustable water level to suit seedlings and established plants
  • Stored water to reduce plant stress during hot periods
  • Internal aeration system to separate most of the soil from the water to maintain the health and productivity of the root zone
  • High plant productivity and vegetable/ herb yield
  • Modular – connect multiple bays and water from a single point
  • Connect to a rain tank and harvest rainwater
  • The Biofilta urban garden design can generate a range of benefits for communities, property developers and authorities including:
  • Capturing and using rainwater runoff in food production, improving stormwater quality and decreasing stormwater runoff
  • Using compost created from food and green waste, reducing waste to landfill and closing water and nutrient loops Creating beautiful functional gardens that are water efficient, highly productive and easy to operate for local residents
  • Generating large volumes of fresh produce for communities, reducing food miles and increasing access to good nutrition and reducing cost of living
  • Increasing social contact and friend shops, while encouraging exercise and health benefits

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