Big Feature Trees – At The Height Of Their Beauty

Let Speciality Trees take the guesswork out of choosing a unique feature tree.

With over 320 lines in production across three sites, they are in an enviable position to experience first-hand the seasonal change experienced, as their trees mature from junior stock into the larger, semi-advanced and advanced specimens they are known for in the marketplace.

Specialty Trees also take great delight in seeing fresh interest in different lines, both new and old species, because too often designs get restricted to a small palette based on current trends. They encourage buyers to look at the beauty of the tree, its leaf shape, density and flowering capabilities and explore selections that bring uniqueness to the landscape design. Enter the feature tree!

Winter Wonder

Acer palmatum’Sango Kaku’ is a Japanese Maple highly distinguishable by its striking red branch colour, particularly on new wood in winter when landscapes can be bleak. Beautiful green double-serrated leaves in summer, which turn yellow and orange in autumn, make this a pretty special tree. Others: ‘Black Tulip’ deciduous Magnolia, Crepe Myrtle & ‘Moss White’ Birch.

Spring Time Delight

Luscious® Tristaniopsis is an Aussie native with large, dark green, shiny foliage that starts out a distinctive copper colour in spring. Over time branches develop deep purple coloured bark and sweetly perfumed yellow fl owers in summer. Others: Golden Rain Tree, Irish Strawberry tree and Liriodendron.

Summer Stand-Out

Evergreen Magnolia ‘Coolwyn Gloss’ offers the biggest, glossiest leaf of all evergreen Magnolia, as well as produce huge, stunning, white fragrant fl owers periodically between November and March. It excels as an upright, flowering, evergreen feature tree to 10m tall. Others: Grafted flowering Gum, Jacaranda and Native Frangipani.

Yearly All-Rounder

Corymbia maculata ‘ST1 Lowanna’ is a special grafted selection grown for improved density of foliage and compact height. It has the distinctive cream and grey spotted trunk, but its form is greatly improved for urban applications. Flowers are white, small and insignifi cant. Grow this tree for tight branch structure and magnifi cent bark after four to fi ve years of growth. Others: Angophora costata ‘Boronia’ and Lophostemon confertus.

Colour Me Up

It’s hard to go past a number of deciduous trees for amazing autumn foliage colour: Cercis ‘Forest Pansy’, Ash, Japanese Maple, Crepe Myrtle or Chinese Pistacio. For a native alternative, try Allocasuarina torulosa.

When temperatures cool, the foliage on this tree gets a little reddish, and dew on pendulous foliage is strikingly beautiful.

Celebrating 40 years in operation, Speciality Trees is a longstanding supplier of native, deciduous, and evergreen trees, including lines for hedging and screening. Educating everyone on the benefits of trees is their passion, as is growing premium-quality trees.

To search for information on specific trees for your next project based on specific features, please visit or call them on (03) 9796 8308.

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