Become a master landscaper

Whether you are an apprentice, designer, residential or commercial builder, maintenance professional or a supplier to the trade, Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers are here to provide their members access to advice, exclusive benefits, professional development, and more.

As the leading Industry Body, Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers are here for you.

You don’t need it until you do. Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers (LVML) are here for their members, big and small. Through their network of respected industry partners, LVML can provide valuable guidance for your business.

Even during these days of social distancing, LVML are bringing their members together so they can continue to learn and form new connections with like-minded industry professionals. With a variety of networking events and presentation nights throughout the year, ensuring the community and industry stays connected has never been more important.

The LVML mantra is Quality, Pride and Professionalism. LVML members embody these values, and Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers promote their members through multiple channels. Membership with LVML provides a tick of approval for client’s and it’s the point of difference that makes members highly sought after.

Give your clients the confidence and peace of mind that as a Master Landscaper your work is of the highest quality. Stand strong beside the hundreds of Master Landscaper Members who benefit from a supportive community that promotes those who strive for and deliver excellence at every level.

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