Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw Rogue test drive

Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw Rogue looks tough, and looks aren’t deceiving.

When the Outlaw Rogue rolled onto the LCM test site everyone stood around gazing in envy. The machine looked big, tough and ready for anything.

As the assembled crew tried to assimilate what it was seeing, a grinning Mat Wandmaker from Blue Ridge Property Maintenance – out test driver – leapt out of the seat and proclaimed, “This thing goes like the clappers! It’s a weapon!”

The tone for the review was set right there: not only is the Bad Boy Mowers Outlaw Rogue a solid, ready-for-work unit, it’s fast, built like a military tank, and is a pleasure to drive.

Reaper tyres on the rear seemed to be very gentle on the damp, bumpy terrain, and it was remarkable how well the Rogue treated the surface. Image: Prime Creative Media


An overview of the mechanical side of our test machine included commercial-grade dual hydraulic pumps and drive motors, patented EZ-Ride 3-link trailing suspension, a 72-inch deck and a stonking 999cc V-twin Kawasaki motor.

The motor broke hearts when it was fired up. There’s nothing like the sound of a V-twin, and several onlookers tried to hide grins when the thing roared into life. It’s not loud, but the sound of that motor alone is worth the price of admission.

And not only did it sound good, it worked really well.

To quickly cover off the tech aspects of the Outlaw Rogue, standard features include:
• Kawasaki FX1000 999cc EFI 38.5hp engine
• Dual 16cc Hydro-Gear pumps
• Dual 18ci Parker wheel motors
• Patented 3-Link rear trailing arm suspension
• Patented independent front suspension with heavy-duty cast I-beam rails
• Premium adjustable suspension seat • Flip up front inspection plate
• 3-gauge (6mm) deck with Reinforced 3/8” (9.5mm) side plates
• Flat deck design with sloping front edge • PEER, cast-iron, maintenance-free spindles with four bearings per spindle
• Heavy-duty all-steel, all-welded chassis frame
• Heavy-duty cast-iron caster front forks
• Exclusive Reaper® rear tyres
• No-Flat front tyres
• Adjustable drive-arm system, and
• Rear deck striping kit.

Oodles of power from the Kawasaki FX1000 999cc EFI 38.5hp motor, and access for maintenance is excellent. Image: Prime Creative Media

Delivering on the promise

The spec sheet looks impressive, but the on the ground – in this case, the very wet ground and long, sodden grass – the Outlaw Rogue delivered on the promise. Mat described the comfort level as ‘superb’, especially the adjustment available on the seat, vision around the mower was excellent, and despite the adverse weather and terrain, the Outlaw Rogue cut fast and clean, dispersed the heavy, wet clippings beautifully, and had oodles of power.

Interestingly, all that power and the wet ground didn’t add up to a lot of churned-up ruts and gouges. The Reaper tyres on the rear seemed to be very gentle on the damp, bumpy terrain, and we felt it remarkable how well the Rogue treated the surface.

And despite how much everyone melted and frothed and the sound of that V-twin, the actaul noise level during operation was surprisingly low.

There just wasn’t anything much we didn’t like about the Outlaw Rogue.


There’s a big range of options and accessories available for this machine, parts to enhance everything from safety and performance to comfort and entertainment, so operators should be able to use the Outlaw as an excellent platform to set up the hard-working, long-lasting mower they need.

It was again test-driver Mat who summed the overall opinion at the end of long, wet test session. He gazed out across the freshly mown and beautifully regular test field and ventured, “This thing would outlast the apocalypse, I reckon!”

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Image: PFG/Bad Boy mowers
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