Axle’s Earthmoving – 300,000th Machine

Celebrating their 20 year anniversary in October 2019, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) have been providing Australian customers with high quality, reliable construction equipment for over two decades. The company recently celebrated another milestone, with the delivery of the 300,000th machine produced by Tierra to long time Hitachi customer Axle’s Earthmoving & Civil Contractors.

Established in July 2004, Axles Earthmoving & Civil Contractors are located on the Gold Coast, Australia and provide extensive excavation services to South East Queensland and Brisbane. The company specialises in demolition, earthworks, detailed excavation, drainage, road works and civil excavation.

Working by the motto “No job is too big, too small or too difficult”, the company pride themselves on specialising in difficult and challenging jobs, for which Hitachi’s varied range of equipment is perfectly suited.

The Hitachi ZX55U-5 was produced by Hitachi Construction Machinery Tierra Co.,Ltd. in April 2019 and delivered onthe October 30. This landmark excavator is one of the three of the same model ordered to replace their existing ZX50U-5 units, purchased from HCA over 10 years ago in 2008.

The new milestone machine joins an impressive fleet of 21 Hitachi excavators ranging from 1.7 to 30 tonne. It will predominantly be used for civil earthworks projects and utilised in their upcoming developments such as SeaWorld Marine Park, John Flynn Hospital or The Southport School. Over the previous year, they have purchased several brand new machines  including a ZX17U-5, ZX85USB-5, ZX135US-5 and ZX260LC-5.

A leading reason that Axle retains loyalty to the Hitachi brand is the Consite Pocket app. The automated data report service allows for observation of the operational status of the fleet as well as monitoring  the machine’s day to day operation status in order to maintain optimum efficiency and performance.

Other features of Hitachi excavators that Axle enjoys include great fuel economy, reliability, machine servicing and colour. “Reliable, fuel economy and service back up from HCA is part of the appeal of purchasing Hitachi equipment,” stated Axle. “Also orange is my favourite colour, it matches my eyes,” he joked.

The affiliation between Axles Earthmoving and HCA is one that is mutually beneficial, with both companies growing and developing over their long history. Hitachi’s reputation within Australia has greatly assisted Axle’s Earthmoving in growing to the size it is today, now with 30 employees as well as a range of subcontractors.

“Our brand loyalty to Hitachi has been crucial in building the business to the position it is in today, instilling dependability of our plant and equipment in our customers,” says Axle.

This enduring partnership between both companies has been reinforced by a great relationship with Sales Representative Anthony Smith. Axle expresses a genuine appreciation for the support from HCA. “We can’t get the job done without surrounding ourselves with quality people,” he states.

“Hitachi are a well-known brand within Australia and have earned respect from customers due to the quality and reliability of their machines. Once you get on board with the Hitachi family life is good.”

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