Award-winning battery lawn mowers

Whether you’re a professional that requires a mower every day for work, or if your only use for a mower is to keep your own backyard looking lush, there are award-winning battery lawn mowers from STIHL to suit.

From self-propelled options through to automated mowing solutions, STIHL’s diverse range of battery mowers allows users to accomplish more using a single rechargeable battery.

Pairing inspired battery technology with 95 years of German engineering excellence and robust, ergonomic tool design, STIHL battery lawn mowers deliver users the precision and power needed to tackle every job with the utmost reliability – day after day.

Purpose-designed to power through the heaviest of workloads, STIHL’s industry leading and award-winning battery lawn mowers feature a host of world-leading innovations along with a number of added comfort and safety features. STIHL batteries also have a very high energy density and an exceptionally long service life that makes them a sound investment.

There are eight mowers in the STIHL range. Let’s take a closer look…

For large gardens and commercial use

The RMA 765 V was released in 2020 and is the largest battery mower in the STIHL range.

This self-propelled powerhouse enables those working in public areas to extend their hours of operation and complete their work when and where required without disturbing those around them. The RMA 765 V, which is part of STIHL’s AP battery system and purposely designed for use in larger gardens or by professionals, features a mammoth cutting width of 63cm and flow-optimised synchronised twin-blades, housed in an aluminum and polymer hybrid deck. The front wheels can be set to swivel in place or set on a zero-turn. So, if you need to manoeuvre the machine in order to mow around bushes or trees, you can do so with ease.

Next in line is the incredibly popular RMA 510 which needs little introduction. STIHL’s most popular mower in the AP battery range boasts a whopping 51cm/21″ cutting width, a dual battery slot so you can change over the battery in an instant, large rear wheels, and a huge 60L grass catcher, making the RMA 510 more than capable of tackling the toughest of lawns. Awarded Best Battery Mower Recommended by CHOICE 2021, ’22 and ’23, the RMA 510 V is the self-propelled alternative perfect for pros tackling larger or sloped areas, or for those working over longer periods of time, and one of the award-winning battery lawn mowers on offer from STIHL.

The fourth mower in the AP battery system is the RMA 443 C, which features a durable polymer deck and a cutting width of 41cm/16″. For comfortable handling, the RMA 443 C is equipped with a mono-comfort handlebar and a grass-catcher box with a foldable opening, something unique to this model within the AP range, which makes disposing of grass clippings incredibly easy. This model has also been awarded Best Battery Mower Recommended by CHOICE in 2022 and ’23.

The RMA 510 V is the self-propelled alternative and is perfect for professionals tackling larger or sloped areas, or for those working over longer periods of time.

For home gardens

STIHL’s AK battery system offers four different mowers, all designed for use in small to medium sized gardens. The RMA 460 which has also received an award for Best Battery Mower Recommended by CHOICE in 2022 and ‘23, and the selfpropelled alternative, the RMA 460 V, are the most popular models in the range. Featuring a 46cm cutting width, a tear-resistant 50L mesh catcher, seven different cutting heights – from 35mm right up to 90mm for the RMA 460, and 25mm-100mm for the selfpropelled model – and a dual battery slot so you can cover twice as much ground in a single outing and switch efficiently.

Next up is the RMA 339, which will cover up to 330m2 on a single charge using the AK 30 battery and has the optional accessory of the mulching function so you can cut and mulch as you go. It has a 37cm cutting width and a 40L grass catcher box with a foldable opening similar to that of the RMA 443 C.

And last, but certainly not least, is the RMA 235.

This compact powerhouse is capable of covering up to 300m2 on a single charge with the AK 30 battery, making it perfect for small to medium sized suburban blocks. It’s incredibly lightweight and has a durable polymer deck with a 33cm/13” cutting width and a 30L rear-opening catcher. It also has five height settings ranging from 25mm- 60mm, which are easily adjusted with a lever.

The RMA 443 C features a durable polymer deck and a cutting width of 41cm/16”.

Backed by over 95 years of German engineering excellence

STIHL battery mowers boast the advanced features users have come to expect from STIHL tools. For example, under the cover you’ll see a safety key, a great safety feature if you’re worried the kids might try and take the mower for a spin. And the ECO-mode option, which optimises cutting performance to conserve battery life. When the blade senses less resistance on shorter or lessdense grass, it drops the blade speed to reduce battery consumption and maximise the area you can cover.

And the benefits don’t stop there. The same battery that powers your lawn mower, whether that be an AP battery or an AK battery, will power several other tools in the same range: grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers, and even chainsaws!

STIHL battery lawn mowers received the ‘Highly Commended’ award in the Lawn Mowers category at the Trusted Brands Australia awards in 2022 and 2023.

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