Avant 745 Provides the Full Package

Speciality Trees successfully increases productivity and efficiency with Avant 745 challenge.

Australian nursery Speciality Trees were experiencing several challenges surrounding the effectiveness of production handling as well as moving large weights around their premises. Operators were required to manually handle stock in between narrow rows or reposition the machinery multiple times in order to complete the task. Extra time taken in production related processes reduced team productivity, product dispatch times and increased logistical issues.

Extra time taken in loading and unloading, reduced lift capacity as well as manually swapping various attachments or machines to complete a task significantly increased the man hours spent on business logistics. This has been calculated to have costed speciality trees thousands of dollars annually in productivity losses across their business.

“Manual handling and tractor use to undertake production tasks weren’t working as efficiently as we wanted. Operators were having to semi handle stock in between narrow rows or reposition machinery multiple times to complete the task,” explained Hamish Mitchell, Managing Director for Speciality Trees.


Avant’s 745 Articulated Loader is designed to enable operators to proactively increase efficiency and versatility without increasing staff or responsibilities, while simultaneously improving operator comfort and work quality. The Avant 745 targets manoeuvrability, efficiency, lift capacity and power, offering an impressive attachment range to suit all tasks. With the telescopic boom, the 745 loader powers a 1400kg lift capacity with a lift height of up to 3m high. The unique articulated chassis allows operators to move across a variety of terrain including customers yards, turf and soft grounds without damaging them. With over 150 attachments and optional cab fittings such as the fully enclosed a/c cabin, the 745 will empower your team to work smarter, faster and achieve more with one complete machinery solution.

“The 745 provided the full package. It offered great manoeuvrability in and around tight spaces while being able to lift large weights. The extendable boom saved us time when cross truck loading and unloading. The 745 achieves greater power while using less fuel and has a better braking system than others on the market. The size of the machine to the weight it can lift is very impressive,” said Hamish Mitchell, Managing Director.


Speciality Trees have seen a direct and positive impact on both their business and team happiness by using the Avant 745. The Avant 745 offered several advantages including:

  • Manoeuvrability: The compact size and turning circle of the 745 assists in greater access in and around the nursery, boosting team productivity
  • Attachments: The quick attach and detach system and large attachment range means operators only need one

machine to do the job of 10 machines. Speciality Trees utilise pallet forks, general purpose buckets, 4-in-1 buckets, augers, trenchers as well as a range of in-house tools to maximise trees moved at any one time in restricted space

Load and Unload: Extendable boom allows Speciality Trees to cross load and unload the truck from one side

Reduced Manual Labour: Manual handling, especially within narrower rows of the nursery has been significantly reduced as the Avant easily navigates tight and restricted spaces

Ergonomic: The Avant is ergonomically designed, offering a luxurious seat, excellent lighting and easy to use controls, which reduced operator fatigue levels across the board

“As a past purchaser of Avant machines, we were familiar with the models and service provided by Avant. While we researched other machines on the market we were drawn back to the existing relationship we have with Avant and the outstanding features of the 745. Every Avant we’ve purchased has proved to be quick, efficient and easy to use, as well as safe and reliable. The 745 has provided us with significant productivity improvements due to the size and manoeuvrability, especially with weight,” concluded Hamish Mitchell, Managing Director.

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