Auto throttle tractor is an operator’s dream

The Korean-made TYM T265 tractor already pushes, lifts and pulls more than its rivals. Now available with auto throttle, this compact tractor on steroids is an operator’s dream. Auto Throttle Control automatically increases the engine RPM (revs per minute) allowing the operator to have one hand on the tractor’s steering wheel and one hand on the loader joystick.

Inlon’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Gary Surman, explains the benefits of Auto Throttle Control. “Auto throttle links the HST pedals to the engine throttle to synchronise the tractor’s speed and engine RPM. Auto throttle means you can concentrate on the task at hand while the engine RPM is managed by pressing the HST foot pedal. This simplifies operation, helps increase productivity and reduces fuel consumption. Visibility of the front loader bucket is also enhanced with the sleek bonnet design.

“There’s plenty of oil flow for implements and attachments with two separate hydraulic systems. Thanks to the powerful hydraulics, the TYM T265 tractor can do many basic tasks while running at idle. This makes it safe to operate and puts less pressure on the tractor. Conversely, a tractor with under-powered hydraulics will need high engine RPM to raise, lower and operate a loader. Driving at high RPM when you really need fine control for manoeuvring is potentially a recipe for errors, collisions and damage for inexperienced operators. The TYM T265 engine produces its full power at only 2600 RPM.

“Push buttons on the dash panel make both PTO and cruise control easy to operate. Independent rear and mid PTO allow operation of rotary hoes, slashers and mid mount mowers.

“The TYM T265 has a strong 865kg dry weight to push, lift and pull more than sub compact tractors, while the 700kg linkage lifting capacity gives the tractor great versatility and attachment handling.”

Operators will enjoy the extremely quiet naturally aspirated 3-cylinder water-cooled diesel 1175cc engine. Other features include two-range hydrostatic transmission with two independent side-by-side HST pedals, brake assist turning, wide industrial tyres, excellent entry clearance from either side and a foldable two-post ROPS frame.

Distributed Australia-wide by Inlon, TYM tractors are renowned for high quality, well-designed products, backed by heavy research and development investment. The TYM T265 tractor has sleek styling and is packed with features, including a level-lift quick-hitch loader and 4-in-1 bucket.

For more information, please visit or call Inlon on 1800 945 090.

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