Tom Foster

UHI U50 electric wheel loader

UHI (United Heavy Industries) is a small-plant specialist which offers its customers a wide range of machinery and nationwide support. While UHI has always offered top-shelf options in mini excavators,
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Limcora and Hitachi

Evan Graham is a man in motion and clearly happy with that situation. “I’ve got a plumbing and drainage company called Limcora,” he beamed over the phone. “We predominantly do plumbing and drainage
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Yardworx Equipment

Kicking off in July 2022 with a dealership in Queensland’s Cooroy, then opening a second store in Noosaville in September, Yardworx Equipment has well and truly hit the ground running. After years of
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It’s been over a year since we started our quest to achieve the design intent. In a few of these articles I have briefly touched on the troubles we face when it comes to creating gardens and establishing
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Weeds, weeds everywhere!

Ask the owner of any home garden if they have weeds and a resounding, “Yes!” is guaranteed. If any council in Australia was asked if it had weeds in its LGA, there would be an equally strong affirmative.
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Is it time to hire?

Hiring staff costs, so you’d better be: a) Sure you have enough work for them; and b) you can afford them. Often the answer to point b) is you can’t afford not to hire!
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