Australian Plant Specialists

Australian Plant Specialists has been established for 18 years at their extensive Sunshine Coast facility. The location is at the centre of Australian tubestock production, and offers year-round production thanks to the perfect climate, where mild winters mean earlier supply of orders and temperate summers cause no slowdown in supply.

The nursery specialises in the propagation and supply of difficult-to-propagate and high demand plants in particular, both native and ornamental. Propagation is mainly from tissue culture and rooted cuttings, with some seed-grown lines where variability is an asset.

The APS range is a broad and diverse selection of premium quality tubestock, and includes rare cultivars, tropical natives, and Ozbreed™ lines. Additional non-standard lines are supplied via forward ordering and contract growing.

Australian Plant Specialists now ships all along the east coast, supplying ornamental landscaping companies, urban and council planting departments, revegetation and restoration organisations, as well as commercial nurseries.

Nursery Sales Manager Rose Wherry has been with the business since 2014, helping General Manager James Roemermann steer the company into its new phase of growth.

The business has recently taken on a seed propagation specialist to focus on high-volume production of lines including Lomandra and Dietes for the landscape industry.

APS parent company Cedar Hill has just been awarded a Rural Economic Development Grant of $75,000 to help support expansion and growth. The project will fund infrastructure including automated propagation facilities, remote irrigation controls, and climate control to enhance the business’s greenhouse production.

In the past four years the business has grown five-fold; this new project is expected to enable Australian Plant Specialists to boost propagation and production by a further 25 per cent.

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