Aussies urged to ‘go green’ in the name of love

One million trees initiative takes root to tackle climate change
Australians are urged to ‘gift’ a newly-planted eucalyptus tree in the name of a friend or loved one, in a unique initiative aimed at tackling major environmental issues.
The project, headed by Australian heritage brand Bosisto’s, will see one million eucalyptus trees planted in the rural town of Inglewood, Victoria.
The new plantations – which will eventually cover an area 166 times the size of the Melbourne Cricket Ground – will help support local farms and farmers, while helping reduce soil salinity and lower harmful CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
The public is encouraged to support the project by registering to ‘gift’ a tree in the name of a friend, who will then receive an educational pack including photos of their tree – all for free.
“Eucalypts are an iconic part of the Australian landscape,” said Tegan Abbott of Bosisto’s. “They’re also ideally suited for improving Australia’s climate, given their synergy with our local wildlife and ability to withstand drought and high levels of salt in the soil.
“Because of their hardy nature, these trees can also be planted on ‘marginal’ land which would otherwise not turn a profit. It gives local farmers who rent land to us a much-needed source of extra income and the rural economy gets a boost too. “
On a per capita basis, Australia is one of the world’s largest polluters. In fact, we produce more carbon pollution per person than the United States, the world’s largest economy.
“With 160 years history, and as an Australian-owned company, Bosisto’s feels a unique connection to this beautiful country of ours,” said Abbott. “The time for action is now, to help preserve that beauty and our clean, fresh air for generations to come.”

To give a loved one the unique gift of a named eucalyptus tree, and show your support for Bosisto’s project visit or log onto

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