AUSA Articulated Dumper Trucks

When it comes to performance, power and efficiency, you cannot go past the AUSA articulated dumper trucks.

AUSA is a world leader in dumpers with over half a century of experience in the design and manufacture of compact equipment.

New times call for investments that bring effective solutions. The AUSA dumpers are the best alternative when transporting loads or bulk materials with great safety and optimum productivity on rough terrain.

The AUSA articulated dumper ranges have a capacity of 1 to 10 tonnes and have been designed with cutting-edge technology for maximum reliability and durability.

This way, even in the toughest environments, AUSA equipment has the lowest cost of operation and the highest levels of operator satisfaction.

Introducing the D 600 – 1000 A series (articulated dumper 6000 – 10, 000kg):

High Performance

Equipped with a powerful Kubota engine, the 4WD and torque converter transmission provide superb power and rough terrain capabilities. Featuring a 180 degree rotating skip, executed with total precision and tremendous lifting capacity. The D1000 A is able to travel at a speed of 30km/h with a maximum speed of 40km/h, and manoeuvres like no other in its class.

Safety And Comfort

This advanced design includes a rear integrated counterweight for better stability and protection against impact. Offering a full visibility system with front and rear camera (available as optional) to detect obstacles and a 7” TFT waterproof colour display (available as optional) feature to increase the safety of the operator and people around. The articulated dumper D600 – 1000 A range also includes an ergonomic seat with seatbelt, safety beacon and reverse alarm system, which leads to more relaxed and efficient driving.

Unmatched Operator Experience

A tough, compact and robust dumper truck providing maximum reliability and easy operation with its exclusive hand joystick controller. The spacious and ergonomic driver’s seat optimises comfort and productivity along with the fold able ROPS roll bar to facilitate with transportation and gas absorbers to assist with folding and unfolding. Designed with the operator in mind, the articulated dumper permits easy accessibility during periodic maintenance, making cleaning and serviceability effortless.

With over 25 years of experience, Australian Hammer Supplies offer an extensive range of models covering multiple needs of transport and movement of bulk materials. Regardless of the difficulty of the terrain or the space limitations, there is an AUSA dumper available for any working environment.

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