ASV RT-25 Posi-Track Designed for landscapers

ASV Posi-Track compact track loaders have been one of Australia’s favourite brands of CTL for more than 20 years. Since becoming an industry icon with its patented and unique undercarriage system two decades ago, ASV has continuously evolved to now offer 10 different models of Posi-Track Loaders to suit any requirement or operator.

Every model of ASV Posi-Track Loader delivers the same premium standards of comfort, control, power, reliability, serviceability and warranty. Unique suspension technology in the undercarriage, along with spacious and ergonomic cabs, ensure long and hard days at work can be completed in the highest level of comfort. Couple this with the finest engines, hydraulic systems, counter-balancing configurations and overall performance delivered by the entire range of ASV Posi-Tracks, and the result is what is widely regarded as Australia’s finest line-up of compact track loaders.

Why choose the ASV RT-25 Posi-Track?
The RT-25 is the world’s most compact track loader. The smallest machine of its kind, the RT-25 features superior suspension, minimal ground pressure and maximum productivity.

The RT-25 Posi-Track compact track loader is designed and created to feature the productivity and comfort that landscapers, homeowners and contractors need.

Designed small, the RT-25 offers patented Posi-Track technology with the suspension, traction, and flotation you count on to shape the earth.

The engine is turbocharged so it can output its full horsepower even at high elevations, and ASV has built this economical machine to exert minimal ground pressure and flotation, while giving operators the ability to work in tight spaces with exceptional pushing and digging power.

Despite its compact size, ASV have designed the RT-25 to be comfortable, practical and easy to operate. An upgrade from a stand-on or walk-behind loader, it comes with an adjustable contour vinyl seat with built-in operator presence switch, lap bar and wide seat belt, and an adjustable suspension seat is optional. You’ll also find ergonomic right- and left-hand pilot ydraulic joystick controls for smooth lift, tiltand control.

As with all ASV Posi-Track Loaders, the RT-25 is equipped with direct drive pumps. To eliminate labour-intensive belt servicing required with belt-driven pumps and a one-piece hood allows easy access to all components and service checkpoints.

Couple this with class-leading ground clearance, stability, lift capacity and overall performance, and you have yourself a premium machine ready to tackle virtually any project.

Key specifications
The RT-25’s key specs are: 24.7hp Diesel Perkins engine, 1703kg operating weight, 302kg rated operating capacity (35% of tipping load), 3.1 psi ground pressure, 254mm ground clearance and 42.8 litres per minute of hydraulic flow.

Nationwide Dealer and Service Network
With more than 25 locations throughout Australia, including in all capital cities and major regional centres, the ASV Posi-Track network is stronger than ever and expertly equipped to handle any sales, service or parts request. Minimising your downtime to maximise your return on investment is the ultimate focus of the national ASV network, who are on-hand and local to support your every need.

To learn more about ASV Posi-Track Loaders, including the RT-25, and book an inspection at your nearest ASV dealer, visit

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