ASV Posi-Track The best gets even better

Since becoming an industry icon with its innovative and distinctive undercarriage system more than 20 years ago, the ASV Posi-Track Loader range now encompasses 10 different models to suit virtually any operator and project.

A major factor in ASV’s renowned reputation in the Australian market is the premium level of comfort, control, power, reliability, serviceability, and warranty shared across every model. Patented intelligent suspension technology in the undercarriage, spacious and ergonomic cabs designed for long days on the job, premium motors and components throughout, and operability on virtually any type of terrain, combine to deliver what is widely regarded as Australia’s finest line-up of compact track loaders.

11 Models Available
Landscapers and tight access site operators find the compact RT-25, RT-40 and RT-50 models the ideal mix of smaller size yet massive performance. Power-to-weight ratios are optimised, machine balancing is ideally centred, ground pressure is light to minimise terrain disturbance, and ground clearance is high to ensure access to challenging workspaces. ASV Posi-Track Loaders dominate the compact size classes for quality and performance, and are one of Australia’s favourite compact construction machines.

In the mid-sized range, the RT-60 model remains an icon in the industry thanks to its excellent versatility. Comfortable, efficient, well-balanced and powerful with excellent traction and ground clearance for working on steep batters, the RT-60 is the ultimate jackof- all-trades. Hundreds of owners throughout Australia utilise their ASV RT-60 across a diverse range of projects – site clearing, landscaping, slashing, spreading, pallet shifting, and so much more.

The next step up in size are the RT-65, VT-70, RT-75 and RT-75HD models – all of which now include the all-new MAX-Series cabs. ASV have once again revolutionised the CTL market with the release of the MAX-Series cab, which offers 360-degree visibility around the machine, significantly more head, leg and shoulder room, an upgraded air conditioning system, a 7 inch touchscreen for greater machine control and monitoring, a state-of-the-art deluxe seat, and much more.

The smallest of the MAX-Series machines, the RT-65, offers similar versatility to the RT-60 models, but with greater torque and loading capabilities, plus an optional high flow hydraulic variant. For those operators who prefer an open cab, however, the RT-65 also comes in an OC variant.

The VT-70 Posi-Track is ASV’s only vertical lift loader and is ideal for operators needing extra lift and dump height in a mid-sized machine. In addition, the VT-70 is now available as the VT-70 High Output variant, which offers enhanced hydraulic performance compared to its predecessor.

Stepping up in size and capability further, the RT-75 and its even tougher Heavy-Duty brother are the largest models available in the MAX-Series range, and offer the ultimate performance in this size class. Ideal for large construction projects, major site cleans and operation in extremely challenging conditions, the RT-75 has become an industry icon. With the industry’s highest ground clearance, lowest ground pressure, longest track life and best traction on all types of surfaces for CTLs in its size range, ASV’s RT-75 is immensely impressive. The Heavy Duty (RT-75HD) variant also includes forestry guarding to ensure maximum operator and machine safety against flying debris whilst mulching and slashing.

Finally, the largest and most powerful of the ASV Posi-Track range is the all-new RT-135 and its Forestry variant. When it comes to power, performance, comfort and serviceability, the RT-135 is simply unmatched in the industry – a 3.8-litre turbo engine packing 132 horsepower and 488Nm of torque, 2268kg rated operating capacity (50% tipping load), 189 litres per minute high flow hydraulics, 381mm ground clearance and a 196-litre fuel tank – plus the exceptional comfort, visibility and control offered by the new MAX-Series operator cab, just like its smaller siblings. So, if you want the biggest and the best compact track loader currently on the market, you simply can’t go past the ASV RT-135 construction and forestry Posi-Track models.

In summary, the 10-model range of ASV Posi-Track compact track loaders is sure to have the perfect machine – or machines – for even the most demanding projects and requirements. Furthermore, the ASV range is set to expand even further in 2023, so stay tuned to for additional product releases.

In addition to its premium performance, comfort and reliability, the entire range of ASV Posi-Track Loaders is backed by an industry-leading 2-year/2000-hour factory warranty – which even includes the industry’s first and only no-track-derailment guarantee.

Nationwide Dealer and Service Network
The national network of ASV Posi-Track dealers, service agents and parts suppliers continues to expand, now offering more than 25 locations throughout Australia, including in all capital cities and major regional centres. Whatever your need, wherever you are in Australia, ASV has you covered.

As a result, the ASV Posi-Track network is better than ever, and expertly equipped to handle any sales, service or parts requirement. Minimising the downtime andmaximising the return on investment for every single owner of an ASV Posi-Track is the ultimate focus of the national network, who are local and on-hand to support your every request.

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