Asbestos-contaminated mulch update: The Landscape Association

The Landscape Association (TLA) provides an update on the escalation of the asbestos-contaminated mulch issue and shares current information and links.

TLA has been actively engaging and gathering information from impacted TLA members, fellow industry associations and the relevant authorities in both NSW and the ACT. Staff are liaising with the NSW Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), SafeWork NSW, WorkSafe ACT and the office of the Hon. Penny Sharpe, NSW Minister for the Environment.

The current focus of the NSW & ACT authorities is containment through contact tracing and testing, and removal of asbestos-contaminated mulch from all confirmed sites. TLA will continue to engage on this topic and turn discussions to other concerns raised by members in due course. TLA is also working on key messaging for media approaches and for members, to assist with enquiries from clients and other third parties.

ACT Information

* As reported by ACT authorities and media outlets, bonded asbestos has been confirmed to be present in mulch samples tested by WorkSafe ACT

* ‘Cottage Mulch’ products supplied between March 1, 2023, and February 19, 2024 may be contaminated. All known purchasers of the affected products are being contacted

* It is currently isolated to Cottage Mulch sold by ACT landscape supplier Stonehenge Beltana Garden and Landscape Centre located in Pialligo.

* Stonehenge is cooperating with WorkSafe ACT and has information for customers available on its website

* If you suspect or know you have bought Cottage Mulch from Stonehenge Beltana in the notifiable time period, do not disturb or try and remove it, isolate it so far as possible and then contact WorkSafe ACT on

* To date, WorkSafe ACT inspectors have contacted 20 potentially contaminated sites, and are actively working to contact an additional nine sites by phone and email

* WorkSafe ACT updates can be accessed on its website General asbestos safety information is also available at
TLA will continue to liaise with WorkSafe who are coordinating the ACT taskforce.

NSW Information

* NSW EPA website remains a key information source and is regularly updated, including a comprehensive list of sites tested
Updates are provided daily via EPA media releases. These are also available by following NSW EPA social media accounts
* The total number of positive sites is currently at 54 with a small number found to contain friable asbestos. These results are in addition to the 798 negative results tested since January 10
* TLA contact at the NSW EPA informed TLA they have now tested 92per cent of the sites identified through contact tracing
* For safety information about asbestos for you and your staff, visit the SafeWork NSW website
* TLA would also like to share this media release from TLA supplier member and Annual Sponsor, Australian Native Landscapes (ANL), who hold the registered trademark Greenlife®, but have no affiliations with Greenlife Resource Recovery Pty Ltd at the centre of NSW EPA investigations
TLA will continue to engage directly with NSW EPA who are leading the NSW taskforce.
Please contact the TLA team by phoning 02 9630 4844 or emailing with any questions, concerns or information about this issue.

Image: The Landscape Association
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