Answerth & Sons and Husqvarna

Answerth & Sons are Melbourne-based specialist hedge trimmers who do amazing work with Husqvarna battery-powered equipment.

With a team of ten, Answerth & Sons maintains and manages some of Melbourne’s most prestigious private properties, adding class and sophistication with precise trimming of all hedging in major landscape designs.

Husqvarna battery prodcuts are the tools of choice for this elite company, and there are several good reasons for that.

Battery benefits

There are a few obvious advantages to using battery over petrol power, and Managing Director Steve Answerth is happy to relate how those things stack up in the real world.

“In January 2023 we hit back-to-back days of over 30 degrees,” remembered the topiary artisan. “Having to work outdoors for up to 10 hours a day can be really taxing on our teams and their bodies. Husqvarna battery-powered equipment provides a lightweight option for our crew, increasing productivity and decreasing on-site injuries.”

“We have many large properties we maintain with long stretches of hedges and some of these can take up to five days to complete,” he continued. “The 520iHE3 has been amazing for us as our go-to hedge trimmer. It’s so light we can get through day after day with less fatigue compared to if we were all using heavier petrol machines all day.”

The total absence of fumes and low volume also figures highly in Answerth’s list of battery-powered plusses.

“The petrol hedge trimmers we used to cut smaller hedges and topiary in the past would give off a lot of thick petrol fumes. Not only was breathing the fumes unpleasant, but on hot days there was a greater risk of burning the foliage on the hedges we were trimming. Since we’ve been using the 520iHD60 battery hedge trimmer, we don’t have to worry about breathing in any fumes or burning the hedges.

“And with the low-noise hedge trimmers, it means we can communicate with the client, or with each other, without having to stop and turn off machines like we do with petrol products.”

The total absence of fumes and low volume figures highly in Answerth’s list of battery-powered plusses. Image: Husqvarna

Specialist work

The Mornington Peninsula property featured here has been under Answerth’s care for about 30 years, and maintaining the immaculate presentation takes some specialist techniques.

“One of the main difficulties maintaining the hedges here is them being so wide they require one or two of us to stand on top of the hedge and trim the tops as we walk along aluminium planks,” Answerth said.

It takes a team of four or five a full day to maintain the property, and the favourite part of the job is the nature-strip cylinders.

“They are incredibly unique,” beamed Answerth. “We don’t see many trees maintained like this, so it’s something different for us. Over time we’ve been straightening them up so they look perfect as you drive past or walk along the footpath that runs between them.

“A lot of people walking past will stop to make comment about how good they look, which is always nice to hear.”

The cylindrical hedges on the nature strip are the team’s favourite feature. Over time they’ve been straightening them up, so they look perfect for passing drivers or those walking along the footpath that runs in between them. Image Husqvarna

Battery kit

Answerth & Sons need quality, reliable, precision equipment to maintain their incredibly high standards and execute their often intricate work. The tool kit for this particular job includes Husqvarna batterypowered trimmers, including:
• 520iHE3 extension battery hedge trimmer
• 520iHT4 telescopic battery hedge trimmer
• 520iHD60 hand-held battery hedge trimmer.

Stephen offered a final thought on the value of battery-powered OPE: “One of the less spoken about benefits of the Husqvarna 520iHT4 telescopic battery hedge trimmer is that because it allows an operator to reach so much higher off the ground, it means less climbing up ladders for staff,” he said. “Obviously that’s significant for the health and safety of our team.”

Using Husqvarna battery-powered hedge trimmers has meant a substantial reduction in the amount of petrol the company uses. It’s cost effective and much better for the environment. Image: Husqvarna

 For more information on the Husqvarna Battery handheld range head to or visit your dealer. 

Image: Husqvarna


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