All new CASE B-Series Range takes landscaping to the next level

Utilize the best of CASE Construction’s all new B-Series skid steer loaders and compact track loaders in your next landscaping project.

In any landscaping project, there is a lot to do with a task list that gets longer as projects get bigger which means utilizing powerful and versatile equipment makes a massive difference. Namely, CASE Constructions’ skid steer loaders and compact track loaders with their all new B-Series range that built on foundations of productivity and real world results to give you an upgraded machine perfected for any job site.

B-Series Upgrades
The B-Series upgrades take CASE machines to the next level, focusing on operator comfort, automation, ease of maintenance and matching high emission standards. Here is what is new:
• New air suspended seat with heating and lumbar support for those long shifts.
• All-new Creep Speed – automate vital but repetitive tasks by setting machine speed at a consistent, slow “creep” and just focus on lifting and moving material.
• All critical checks and service points are now grouped at the rear of the machine for easy access.
• All new 8-inch Hawk Display sends critical data and machine settings right to the operator’s fingertips, including new back up camera footage for industry leading visibility.
• Tire 4 final engine produces less emissions and creating a maintenance-free solution with no new actions or upkeep.

These upgrades help take a great machine to the next level – this is made evident when taking a closer look at two of Case’s front runners, the SR240B and TR310B.

SR240B Skid Steer Loader
One of the most flexible machines in the landscaping industry, the SR240B is a medium-frame loader with large-frame power and performance. Additionally, the SR240B stands out from the competition with its radial lift, handling more than vertical lift machines with the capacity to lift and move one tonne of material at a time. This Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) is complemented by the optional high-flow and enhanced high-flow hydraulics, allowing the versatile machine to operate hundreds of hydraulic attachments which means landscapers get to use the best tool for the job without buying a new machine.

TR310B Compact Track Loader
The TR310B fills the market gap for a high range, medium sized compact track loader from CASE and is essentially a landscaper’s best friend. Built with a rubber track carriage, the TR310B is engineered to navigate jobsites with more floatation and less ground pressure, perfect for lawns and muddy or sandy conditions. With a ROC of 1.4 tonnes and high flow as standard, the TR310B outperforms the competition in versatility and power in its class. Standard high-flow not only allows for better machine control but gives the loader more grunt enabling landscapers to use attachments that require high-flow such as box graders and mulchers.

Skid Steer Loader versus Compact Track Loaders
It all depends on the application – skid steers provide more mobility on solid ground and are easier to handle than compact track loaders. Tyres are also cheaper to replace than tracks and allow skid steers to travel 5kmph faster than track loaders. However, conditions are not always perfect and with uneven terrain, wet or sandy conditions track loaders are built to tough it out. Luckily, you can always ask the experts – the sales team at CASE Victoria, Victoria’s only CASEowned dealer. Based in Dandenong, the team has over 60 years of experience and can help you take your landscaping projects to the next level with these upgraded B-Series models.

Call CASE Victoria on 03 8710 5000 or visit for more information.

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