Aim Quick Build Containers

Look better and last longer than your average garden shed

Looking for a strong, sturdy and attractive solution to store your mower, garden tools, and landscaping equipment?

The Aim Quick Build Container can be delivered flat pack to site and assembled within minutes. They are the perfect solution for the landscaper or their client.

Most of us have experienced the disappointment of purchasing the notoriously flimsy and rust-prone tin shed for our glorious garden space only to see it disintegrate before our eyes. The benefit of the Aim Quick Build Container is that it is made from 20 gauge galvanized steel – you can actually feel the strength and count on the design to ensure a long lasting lifespan. Because the Aim Quick Build Container is flat pack, it can be carried one panel at a time into a tight location or an underground carpark. They can fit down the side of a house or in a backyard with limited space. They are also completely weatherproof and unlike shipping containers, they have been designed to allow airflow throughout the container to ensure stored items are free of moisture and mould.

No need to pour a concrete slab. Aim Quick Build Containers come with an Oriented Strandboard floor and sit above the ground on forklift skids. They are also demountable and relocatable and therefore not considered a permanent structure. You can take it from one site to another or keep it with you when moving house.

Aim Quick Build Containers come in various sizes including: 1x2m, 2x2m, 2x3m and 2x4m. You can also purchase a connection kit and connect two containers lengthways or sideways. And testament to the strength of the container you can stack them 3 high inside or 2 high outdoors.

Aim Quick Build Containers are available for sale and for hire through Aim Hire. They come as a galvanized unit or they have a limited number of powder coated colours including matt black, eucalypt green and canola cream. Alternatively, you can request a custom colour to match your particular landscape.

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Aim Hire are also the Australian distributor of the BOS (Build on Site) container:

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