AEG’s 2X18V (36V) 18” FUSION Lawn Mower

Hassle-Free Mowing Without Compromise

AEG’s battery-powered lawn mowers are so powerful and have so many time-saving and hassle-free features, they don’t even bother making petrol-powered mowers.

Why worry about having to store and pour fuels and oils, or even clean and replace spark plugs, when you can grab a mower that’s constantly ready to go? Just get behind the AEG 2x18V (36V) FUSION Mower.

It’s powered by 2 x 18V AEG FORCE Lithium Ion batteries running simultaneously (in series and best to have 2 of the same Ah and fully charged) to deliver 36V of grunt – enough to deliver a professional cut without the smelly fumes or the additional noise of a 4-stroke mower.

Power Where You Need It

The extra grunt of an advanced FUSION brushless motor, coupled with the technological advancements of AEG’s FORCE batteries (kit comes with 2x 18V 6.0Ah FORCE batteries), make this mower a great performer and a practical replacement for a petrol-powered model.

These mowers run off the same AEG batteries as your power tools – that’s not only convenient but also makes good use of the existing batteries you have. You can even charge your batteries between jobs with the AEG in-car charger (available for purchase separately).

This model has a 7-position height adjustment that ensures even the most demanding customers will get their desired lawn height, while the improved blade configuration cuts clean and low.

Built Tough

A thick, 18” 2mm thick steel deck ensures this battery-powered mower is no lightweight plastic pretender, either.

It’s built tough to withstand the harshest jobsite conditions, and the folding collapsible handles make storage easy in your trailer or ute.

Depending on the length of grass you are cutting, you have three options of what to do with the clippings. The mower comes with a 50-litre catch bag or for taller or wet grass, a side throw option might be better suited. For lower lengths or well-maintained lawns, insert the mulch plug to return finely chopped lawn clippings to the mowed area.

Extra-Long Warranty

This model comes with AEG’s 3-year warranty (extended to 6 years when you register your product online within 30 days of purchase). The batteries’ warranties also increase from 1 to 3 years when you register them.The mower kit contains 2 x 18V 6.0Ah FORCE batteries and 2 x standard chargers, so you can charge both batteries simultaneously.

The AEG 2 x 18V (36V) FUSION Mower provides you with unrivalled power delivery and performance from an 18V system.

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