AEG Edger attachment with 18V and 58V powerheads

In the past I have used both the 18V and 58V AEG Power heads and line trimmer attachments supplied with them, as well as a hedger attachment and a pole saw attachment. Now available to add to the arsenal is a new edger attachment for those neat precise finishes or to reclaim overgrown edges so I was eager to try it out.

As with the other accessories in the range this edger attachment is suited to both the 18V and the 58V AEG powerheads. I think this is a great feature as rather than going out and purchasing a dedicated edger for $600 or more, existing AEG tool owners can add another tool to their kit for a fraction of the price at $199. In addition to that the storage space savings are huge compared to a dedicated edger with the AEG attachment taking up very little space.

The edger has a 204mm hardened steel blade that carved through the grass leaving a neat precise cut. An adjustable rear wheel sets the height/ depth of cutting and with a maximum depth of 31mm. The toolless adjustment is simple and fast and with the twist of a knob adjustments can be made in seconds. I found I was able to edge with the wheel both on the concrete curb or paver edging as well as with the wheel on the turf side. This is a great advantage as there are often obstacles on the hard

Model NumberAEDG10
Blade Length204mm
Max Blade Depth (18/58V)31mm
18V Powerhead Low/High Blade SpeedLow Speed 3400RPM max
High Speed 4000RPM max
58V Powerhead Low/High Blade SpeedLow Speed 4000 RPM max
High Speed 4600RPM max
IncludesManual,Hanging attachment,
Arbord lock

surface side where you would normally run the wheel, so the 31mm depth allows for either depending on the situation.

The alloy guard over the blade is light but strong and a raised rib along its centre is in line with the out of view cutting blade giving the operator a guide to cut. A rubber flap attached at the rear of the guard also prevents excess debris flying out towards the operator and a cut out notch in itscentre also lines up with the blade. These two guides ensure easy line-up of the blade for accurate cutting.

The edger attaches easily to the powerheads with a simple press button locating in the shaft of the powerhead when inserted. A large easy grip knob can then be tightened to snugly secure the join. These joins often fail and become loose on many combi unit systems, but the large knob enables the operator to secure it tightly with little effort.

The 58 volt powerhead spins the blade 600RPM faster than the 18 volt in both low and high speeds although I didn’t notice any difference in cutting performance. They were both weighted well whilst using the

edger attachment with the 58V obviously heavier. For this reason, I would prefer to have the 18V just for ease of use and have extra batteries on hand if I were doing large amounts of edging.

Both powerheads have two speeds changed with the flick of a switch on the side of the handle. I prefer the high speed although the lower speed would be good for short, manicured edges and also conserving battery life.

The rubber ribbed hand grip is very easy to hold, comfortable and ensures a solid grip on the machine. A variable speed trigger enables the operator to feather the throttle if required, a far cry away from the old battery gear where it was “flat out” or “off”.

The new AEG edger attachment would be a great addition to any AEG owners kit or anyone in the market for a line trimmer and edger with both tools available at a very decent cost. Additionally, the space saving for both storage and transport is very attractive to me. AEG offer amazing warranties on their gear, and this is no exception with a 6-year product warranty and a 3-year battery warranty, when registered within 30 days of purchase. You can also get this edger attachment or any AEG power tools delivered and transacted to your jobsite via the AEG Onsite team. Reach out to them via or call Matt direct on 0438 110 636.

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