AEG 58V Brushcutter

The newest product to hit the market in AEG’s 58V range of landscape maintenance equipment is the bike handle brushcutter. It’s a smart looking piece of gear and performed better than I expected.

The brushcutter is powered by a 58V Brushless motor providing great power to the cutting head. A 4.0Ah lithium battery supplies the power to the Brushless motor and provides good run times for this type of machine depending on the material being slashed. Expect around 65 minutes in heavy conditions with the tri-star blade.

The bike handle design is very comfortable to use, and the angle is adjustable to suit different operator styles and sizes. The unit comes with a tri-star blade as well as a bump feed nylon cutting head. The blade cuts a path of 26cm and the nylon cuts a 43cm path. It is quite easy to change from one head to another, a task that only takes a couple of minutes.

The machine is a split shaft design and the join is solid and fast to remove with a locating button and a threaded knob for tightening the shafts together. Other accessories can be used on the same machine with this split shaft design so it can be used as a pole pruner or hedge trimmer when tackling sites with a range of challenges.

A comfortable harness is easily adjusted and takes the weight of the machine making it effortless to swing from side to side when slashing thicker brush.

The harness is attached to the brushcutter shaft with a quick-release clip attaching to a shock-absorbing spring.

The unit weighs in at 6.9kg including the battery, which is about equivalent to some petrol powered rivals, but they lack the advantages of a battery powered machine. Such advantages include the ability to operate on noise-sensitive sites, the reduced maintenance and running costs, and the elimination of emissions benefiting both the operator and bystanders.

Operating the AEG 58V brushcutter with the nylon head fitted I found it to be well balanced and powerful, slashing long grass at the equivalent rate of a petrol-powered machine. The same could also be said with the blade set-up – I smashed through some long and thick woody weeds with ease quickly creating a neat path. AEG offers the 58V Brushcutter with 4.0Ah lithium battery, charger, harness, blade and bump feed head for $649. An exceptionally good warranty includes a massive 6 year tool and 3 year battery repair warranty.

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