AEG 2X18V (36V) FUSION Post Hole Digger

There are no shortages of AEG battery products suited to the landscape industry with yet another handy tool on the Australian market. The new post hole digger with performance rivalling petrol powered machines is suited to a multitude of soft and hard landscaping tasks.

AEG’s proven quality 36 Volt Fusion brushless motor powers the post hole digger and, as claimed, its power and performance does compete with conventional petrol-powered machines, something I was at first sceptical about.

Two AEG 18 Volt batteries are required to run the 36 Volt unit so this would be a great addition for anyone already running the 18 Volt range. The two batteries are simply inserted into the top of the unit, either side of the motor allowing the operator to have clear vision of the LED charge level indicators. Being a FUSION tool, it’s recommended to use two of the same Ah FORCE batteries for ultimate performance, both fully charged.

Facing the operator, on the top of the unit is another LED display panel and a button to change the auger speed. With a press of the speed button, the speed changes instantly to 100, 150 or 200 RPM with the LED display indicating the chosen one. These speeds are changeable in both forward and reverse auger direction.

A status LED located on the same panel indicates either tool protection mode if required or kickback prevention activation. I have personally been on the receiving end of a post hole digger kickback a few times and it is not a pleasant experience and something that no matter how hard you try to avoid always catches you by surprise.

AEG have integrated a terrific thigh activated kickback prevention lever that switches the machine off in the first instance of any kickback, greatly reducing the possibility of injury to the user. This is an outstanding feature and gives you great confidence to go hard in any ground conditions.

Machine ergonomics are brilliant, with a wide expanse between the handlebars and hefty moulded grips, ensures the operator has a firm hold on the unit along with ease of operation. The right-hand grip has a safety button which must be depressed along with the trigger for auger activation avoiding any accidental start up. This is easily done with your thumb on the forward reverse button on the top of the same grip allowing for fast changes in auger direction without releasing grip on the handle.

The auger coupling is a generic size and allows for quick release so multiple diameter augers can be fitted with ease for different applications. The teeth on the auger are removable so can be sharpened or replaced as required to ensure peak performance.

I would have to say the new AEG FUSION post hole digger exceeded my expectations. With its lightweight and quiet performance, it succeeded its operational potential and did extremely well. It would be a welcome tool on a large planting job but also as a great allrounder suited to post holes for low retaining walls or fences.

Get yours delivered on-site. Call Matt on 0438 110 636 or visit, and with just a few details, AEG Onsite will deliver and transact on your site!

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