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AEG 18V FUSION Jet Blower

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The AEG 18V FUSION Jet Blower is the latest innovation designed to suit the landscape maintenance industry and for those homeowners wanting extreme performance!

This new-to-the-market compact unit has the claim to fame of being the most powerful 18 volt blower on the market with an air volume of 465CFM whilst pumping out an air velocity of 200km/h, powered by its high performance FUSION Brushless motor.

Just like other AEG landscape products I have used, the FUSION Jet Blower is a sturdy unit with a hard plastic body built to cope with the rigours of outdoor use whilst protecting the internals of the machine

Two small plastic feet at the bottom rear of the blower and a longer one at the front elevate the unit when it is placed on the ground. This protects both the undercarriage and the battery, which inserts from the rear.

Unlike some battery-powered blowers that only have a full speed or ‘off’ trigger, the FUSION Jet Blower has a variable throttle trigger enabling the operator to blow at slight force, which is required in certain situations.

A throttle lock or cruise control is also fitted so the blowing force can be set at a constant speed for large areas reducing operator effort. This is activated with a lever easily flicked with the operator’s thumb.

A turbo-boost button is located at the top of the handle adjacent to the throttle lock. This is also simply activated with a thumb push without releasing grip on the handle. The turbo-boost is a great feature and provides that extra power to blast away heavy accumulated or wet debris. I found it particularly good when blowing downstairs to clear out the accumulations in the corners.

All AEG 18V batteries will easily insert into the rear of the blower and they feature charge indicators, which are visible whilst inserted so the operator can check charge levels at a glance. Being a FUSION product, it is best used with AEG’s latest and highest performing batteries, FORCE, available in 3.0Ah, 6.0Ah and 9.0Ah.

A steel ring fitted to the tip of the blower tube serves a couple of purposes: it can be used to loosen stubborn adhesions before blowing them away, and it prevents the tip wearing and becoming disfigured. Worn and disfigured tips on blower tubes can greatly reduce performance so this eliminates that common problem.

The blower is light at 2.3kg and well balanced. I found it easy to change from hand to hand on the go, which is often required to blow areas quickly especially around obstacles and on stairs.

Overall, the AEG 18V FUSION Jet Blower performed extremely well with incredible blowing force for a compact battery unit. As with all of these battery powered tools and especially blowers, which draw a lot of power, a few batteries are required for commercial situations. Besides the obvious benefits of reduced noise, zero emissions, greatly reduced running and maintenance costs compared to petrol powered machines, this blower is perfect for use in confined spaces like underground carparks and even large indoor areas where petrol machines can’t be used. Peace of mind for the purchaser is ensured with a huge 6-year blower warranty and a 3-year battery warranty, when registered online within 30 days of purchase.

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