AEG 18V Fusion Hedge Trimmer

AEG are certainly delivering their customers a great variety of choice when it comes to their new 18V range of battery powered outdoor maintenance tools.

This brand new hedge trimmer is the latest high performance addition to the already large range of tools.

Powered by AEG’s own18-volt Advanced Brushless Motor the AEG Fusion Hedge Trimmer is designed for the commercial market. It is a robust but lightweight machine, which is exactly what is needed if it is to be used by professionals, day in, day out. The cast magnesium gearcase of the unit is lightweight yet strong to cope with the rigours of commercial use.

Hedge trimmers are used in a commercial  environment for prolonged periods so it is important that they are forgiving on the operator. The low vibrations and light weight of the AEG Fusion Hedge Trimmer compared to conventional petrol powered machines ensure a much less straining experience for the operator, which can result in increased productivity and improved quality of finished work.

Running and maintenance costs of machinery are important to commercial operators because they have multiple machines and those costs add up quickly.


A great advantage with this type of battery powered equipment is the savings made on oil/fuel, not to mention the downtime taken to purchase and mix the fuel, along with cost and time taken for maintenance of filters/plugs etc. Of course, another huge advantage over petrol powered machines is the reduced noise exposure to the operator and bystanders. This enables the hedge trimmer to be used for longer periods, outside the regular hours allowed for conventional power equipment use.

An essential feature for hedge trimmers is a rotating rear handle; this is not often seen on battery powered machines but is an inclusion and a standout feature on this AEG trimmer. A good length cutting blade of 550mm is long for a battery powered machine, which is another great feature making it productive and essential for a commercially viable machine. A wear tip/protection guard on the end on the blade bar prevents the operator accidentally making contact with other objects or the ground during operation. It also features a handy hang point for storage and a solid plastic sheath easily slides on for protection when not in use.


The blades cut up to 26mm diameter material but are just as happy cutting fine, delicate material as I noticed while shaping some Buxus.

The AEG 18V Fusion Hedge Trimmer is very well priced as a skin with a RRP of only $279. This would enable a commercial operator to purchase multiple FORCE batteries ensuring a full work day can be achieved with the batteries charged up overnight ready for the next day. It is also available in a kit, which includes a single charger and a FORCE 6.0Ah battery for $399.

An exceptional warranty of 6 years on the tool and 3 years on the batteries provides peace of mind for the purchaser (when registered online).

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