AEG 18V FUSION 125mm Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

AEG’s new 18V FUSION 125mm Paddle Switch Grinder provides the perfect balance between raw power and protection.

Designed for the needs of Aussie tradesmen, the grinder comes with an 18V advanced FUSION brushless motor to deliver extreme power and runtime for heavy duty applications.

As ‘Uncle Ben’ once said: “With great power comes great responsibility” and with the amount of power this beast provides it’s no surprise the AEG team have packed in a heap of safety mechanisms to keep tradies as safe as possible – starting with the ergonomic dead-man paddle switch design, which increases user safety, comfort and control. When your hand comes off the switch the grinder will stop in less than 3 seconds thanks to the electronic blade brake. The anti-kickback shutdown mode protects the user from kickback as the name would suggest, which is important when working with grinders. Along with the shutdown features the grinder has a 3-position side handle to give users improved control while cutting.

This grinder wouldn’t be an AEG FUSION tool without the signature anti-vibration side handle, designed to increase user comfort and reduce user fatigue so you can go harder and for longer. Along with protecting users a lot of thought has gone into the design behind protecting the tool itself.

A removable micron mesh filtration cap along with coated and sealed electronics creates a 2-stage protection system against metal dust ingress to increase tool life, as well as the tool-free blade change and 2 in 1 safety guard, which dramatically improves functionality in changing between applications.

For the next level of performance, comfort and safety this grinder is a must for any serious tradie.

Available at your local Bunnings Warehouse.

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