AEG 18V Brushless Pruning Saw

Just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be another AEG battery powered product suited to the landscape maintenance industry, I had the opportunity to test the 18V Brushless Pruning Saw. This type of saw is relatively new to the industry and would be a great addition to any operator’s kit.

The saw is powered by AEG’s 18 Volt Brushless motor and of course runs on their existing battery range so would be well suited to anyone who already has AEG tools along with those new to market looking at investing in a range that offers versatility.

I predominately used the 3.0Ah FORCE HD battery as it gives the same power as the 6.0Ah FORCE battery but with reduced weight. For extended pruning the 6.0Ah FORCE battery will give longer run times.The trigger has variable speed, not just the option of maximum speed or off, like many other battery products. At maximum power the blade strokes an incredible 3000 times per minute (unloaded) with a stroke length of 19mm. The blade cutting pattern can be varied with the flick of a switch from a straight cut to a more aggressive and faster orbital pattern. I found the orbital pattern cut to be much faster and therefore could not see any point in using the regular cut once I had tried them both, however with orbital off, will provide less vibration.

Ergonomics of the pruning saw are great with a very comfortable ribbed handle ensuring a sturdy grip. It is also nicely balanced, helping to put downward pressure on the cutting point with little effort. I attacked some small Callistemon branches with ease and was impressed with the nice, clean and precise cuts. The saw was very easy to manoeuvre in tight situations. I also attempted cutting some larger branches which the machine is not intentionally designed for, however it still gave a nice, neat, precise cut, only a little slower and with more operator effort.

A handy LED light on the front illuminates along the length of the blade and cutting surface for dark situations. This automatically activates when the trigger is depressed and can also be manually turned on with a switch located on the underside of the handle. A lock out switch, also located on the underside of the handle, locks the trigger so that it cannot be accidentally depressed with the battery installed. This is a great safety feature and it would be good practise for operators to activate when transporting. Changing the blade is extremely simple; it can be done in seconds without the need for any tools.

I would recommend the AEG 18V pruning saw to any landscape maintenance professional. It is compact, lightweight and provides quality cuts. It is everything you need and wish for in a pruning saw. With minimal effort required by the operator, large precise pruning jobs that typically can take their toll on operators can now be done more efficiently, with less effort and without compromising on cut quality. Until now, handsaws would be the only way to achieve the neat cuts. An extended six year product warranty is offered provided the machine is registered online within a month of purchase.

To get yours delivered on-site, visit, and with just a few details, AEG will send a rep out to your site – you can even transact there as well!

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