AEG 18V 550mm FUSION Hedge Trimmer

The AEG 18V FUSION Hedge Trimmer skin is the perfect combination of ergonomics and power in a lightweight and easy to manoeuvre package.

The Advanced Brushless Motor provides smooth cutting performance and hours of runtime. The 550mm steel blades and 26mm cut capacity enables the unit to tackle those tough jobs, perfect for thick hedges but also ideal for shaping and trimming smaller jobs when required. The rear-rotating handle features positive stops in three positions, to ensure an optimal grip angle for both comfort and control at all times. The exposed magnesium casting helps to reduce the overall weight of the unit, critical on longer/larger jobs. It also provides quick access for blade changes when required.

AEG 18V 550mm FUSION Hedge Trimmer

This unit has been specifically designed with the professional operator in mind. During the development process there was key focus on the need for this unit to be lightweight and manoeuvrable. This unit was designed to ensure that the operator could comfortably cut on all angles and easily operate the unit above head height comfortably for extended periods of time. In addition to the unit being lightweight another significant advantage to the AEG 18V Hedge Trimmer is the fact that all of this can be completed without the noise, fumes and vibration associated with a petrol unit.

The FUSION Hedge Trimmer also includes a sheath with hanging hole for storage as well as a blade tip guard for protection when cutting against materials such as fences, the ground, brickwork or even preventing contact with glass windows. Pair up the 18V FUSION Hedge Trimmer skin with a FORCE battery, and you’ll experience a trade tool you can push harder and longer than ever before. At a RRP of $279 for the skin (battery sold separately), adding this hedge trimmer to your landscaping arsenal is a no-brainer!

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