AEG 18V 550mm FUSION Hedge Trimmer

The AEG 18V FUSION Hedge Trimmer has all the power and portability of a petrol-powered model without the noise, fumes, vibrations or hassle of mixing and carrying fuels.

Increasing numbers of landscapers and gardening professionals are discovering the advantages of cordless outdoor power equipment over their traditional petrol-powered counterparts.

Gone are the days when cordless tools were considered under-powered and their batteries ran flat before completing a job. Now, with the proliferation of lithium-ion battery cells and brushless motors, outdoor power equipment manufacturers like AEG have taken full advantage of these technological advancements, resulting in more grunt, longer battery life and increased tool life.

Also, these battery-powered tools are much quieter than petrol models, meaning professionals can use them earlier and later in noise-sensitive neighbourhoods.

One tool, in particular, that has benefited from these latest improvements is the 550mm FUSION Hedge Trimmer, with its smooth cutting performance and extra runtime (increased further when using a FORCE battery). FORCE batteries have next-gen cell technology, with built-in smart systems to deliver more power  for longer. Connect a FORCE battery to your existing AEG tools and you’ll experience an immediate upgrade in power and performance by up to 25 per cent.

This hedge trimmer’s steel blades have a 26mm cut capacity, perfect for slicing through thick, mature hedges, topiaries and even smaller trimming jobs. A great ergonomic feature for users is the rear-rotating handle that adjusts to three positions.

This provides users with an optimal grip angle for both comfort and control.

Another benefit is the unit’s reduced weight, which is noticeable when working overhead or on larger projects. AEG engineers reduced the weight by incorporating a magnesium casting that is easily removed to allow access for servicing and blade changes.

Speaking of blade changes, a blade tip guard protects the cutting edge from damage or from becoming blunt prematurely due to accidentally hitting hard materials such as fences, the ground, brickwork or even preventing contact with windows.

The FUSION Hedge Trimmer also comes with a protective sheath with a hanging hole for storage. Pair up the 18V FUSION Hedge Trimmer skin with a FORCE battery, and you’ll experience a trade tool you can push harder and longer than ever before.

If you want to test out the hedge trimmer or another awesome AEG Garden Tool or Power Tool at your place of work, contact the AEG onsite solutions team to arrange a demonstration where you can put the tool to work to see first-hand how it performs and you can purchase them onsite.

Otherwise, all AEG tools are available at Bunnings Warehouse. For more information visit

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