A1 Rubber’s new Victorian warehouse

A1 Rubber’s new Victorian warehouse not only signifies A1 Rubber’s growth, but also underscores its commitment to forging strong partnerships within the local community.

A1 Rubber is excited to announce the opening of a new warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria, marking a significant expansion in its commitment to providing top-notch products and services, and complementing the ongoing commitment to NSW and Queensland customers, with the existing warehouses in the respective states.

A1 Rubber’s new Victorian warehouse reflects A1 Rubber’s dedication to supporting local contractors and businesses in Victoria, offering convenient access to its high-quality tyrederived products and innovative solutions. With a focus on delivering exceptional support and services, A1 Rubber looks forward to meeting the diverse needs of contractors in Victoria, reinforcing its position as a reliable and accessible resource for sustainable and quality solutions.

The innovative technology used in A1 Rubber’s recycling process allows designers and architects to range almost wherever their imaginations takes them. Image: A1 Rubber

Circular economy collaborator

The disposal of end-of-life tyres poses a significant environmental challenge globally which is only increasing. Improper disposal can lead to a range of issues, including soil contamination, fire hazards, and the release of harmful chemicals. Recognising these challenges, Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) was established to take a proactive approach to tyre-waste management.

The TSA’s primary objective is to foster a circular economy within the tyre industry, where the life cycle of tyres is extended through reuse, recycling, and sustainable resource management. As the world grapples with the need for circular-economy models, TSA’s efforts stand out as a beacon of innovation and commitment towards creating a more sustainable future. A1 Rubber takes great pride in its distinguished position as a leading upcycler of tyre-derived products, championing sustainability and contributing significantly to the circular economy, and having that contribution recognised and acknowledged by TSA.

Seeing the environmental challenges posed by discarded tyres, A1 Rubber has embraced a pioneering role in repurposing these materials, thereby extending their life cycle and diverting them from landfills.

Seeing the environmental challenges posed by discarded tyres, A1 Rubber embraced a pioneering role in repurposing these materials. Image: A1 Rubber

Benefits of circular economy in the tyre industry

1. Resource conservation: recycling and reusing tyre materials reduces the demand for virgin resources, conserving valuable raw materials and energy
2. Reduced environmental impact: by diverting tyres from landfills and finding valuable uses for recycled materials, TSA helps mitigate the environmental impact of tyre waste
3. Innovation and collaboration: circular economy models encourage collaboration and innovation as stakeholders work together to find creative solutions to waste challenges.

As a key player in the circular economy, A1 Rubber not only mitigates the environmental impact of tyre waste, but actively fosters resource conservation and responsible production practices. Through innovative upcycling processes, A1 Rubber exemplifies how a commitment to sustainability can be seamlessly integrated into business operations, proving environmental stewardship and economic success can go hand in hand.

To learn more A1 Rubber, or contact one of its offices, log on to a1rubber.com. 

Image: A1 Rubber


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