A1 Rubber upcycler soft landscaping products

A1 Rubber is Australia’s leading manufacturer of soft landscaping products, with over 30 years of manufacturing expertise, specialising in rubber products for landscaping.

A1 Rubber proudly upcycles over 9000 tonnes of Australian tyre rubber every year, creating an appealing range of products out of a previously detrimental waste material.

The innovation in manufacturing techniques and formulas have positioned A1 Rubber products as the leading colourcoated recycled rubber products in Australia, and A1 Rubber is a leading circular-economy manufacturer, saving up to 200,000 Australian tyres from landfill every month. The colour-coated range of products, including CSBR, Rubber Mulch, Playform animals and shapes, and Curvedge rubber edges, are some of the most sustainable products available in this space, being made entirely of colour-coated recycled tyre rubber.

CSBR rubber granules

CSBR is a colour-coated crumb rubber used in wetpour surfacing to specifically provide a soft-landing surface from slips, trips and falls in an outdoor environment and around play equipment. CSBR is available in a range of vibrant earthy colours. All colours are highly durable and long lasting under harsh Australian UV conditions, as well as heavy foot traffic. CSBR, when used in conjunction with A1 Rubber’s premium binder Procure, creates an excellent rubber wetpour surface with great drainage and soft underfoot feeling, suitable for use in play areas, outdoor pathways, patios, ramps, garden edging and more. Rubber wetpour surfaces provide an extra level of safety over traditional surfacing options, with excellent non-slip properties, and are a soft surface in the case of a trip or fall. With a range of over 30 dynamic colour options, CSBR surface design creativity is endless. A1 Rubber’s recommended binder, Procure, pairs perfectly with CSBR and is a premium binder capable of curing in any climate Australia wide, without cracking and with minimal yellowing.

Rubber wetpour surfaces provide an extra level of safety over traditional surfacing options, with excellent nonslip properties.

Playform 3D shapes

A1 Rubber manufactures an exciting range of large 3D animals and shapes, called Playform, made entirely out of coloured recycled rubber. The range includes a dolphin, crocodile, frill-neck lizard, turtle, frog, rocks of various sizes, and much more. Up to two metres long, these animals and shapes provide an exciting addition to a landscape or playground, while still retaining the soft, nonslip properties of rubber products.

CSBR surface design creativity is endless.

Red Rubber Mulch

Red Rubber Mulch is the perfect lowmaintenance solution for garden beds, locking in moisture and preventing weeds, without attracting termites like traditional chip bark. Made from recycled tyre rubber and colour coated in a deep, red colour, Rubber Mulch is a sustainable long-term option for garden beds that will maintain a soft, flexible feel underfoot with no harsh or sharp edges.


Curvedges are prefabricated rubber edging beams for use around sandpits, playgrounds, gardens and more, offering a flexible, soft alternative to traditional timber edges, eliminating the chance of splinters and injuries. Curvedges are available in red or green colour-coated recycled tyre rubber.

Shop local

A1 Rubber is grateful for the ongoing support of those who choose local products over imported products. By choosing A1 Rubber you are supporting Australian manufacturing and contributing to a very much more sustainable society.

See the entire range off recycled rubber products at a1rubber.com.


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