A1 Rubber

A1 Rubber uses stripped rubber from old tyres and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment  to form new Australian-made rubber flooring products.

A1 Rubber has been the market leader and central innovator in the rubber wetpour industry for over 30 years, offering a complete rubber wetpour system to streamline installation and simplify the complex issue of providing safe, compliant soft fall.

Aero Shockpads

A1 Rubber manufactures the only certified, pre-made soft-fall pads which are sold under the Aero Shockpad brand. These Shockpads have been designed and manufactured to guaranteed compliance with the fall height requirements of Australian Standard AS4422:2022.

Through the use of Aero Shockpads as the base layer of a wet-pour installation, overall installation time and labour hours are reduced significantly, streamlining the process of providing a safe, compliant wetpour surface. Aero Shockpads are made from 100 per cent recycled tyres and are manufactured in one-metre by one-metre tiles to various thicknesses.

Recycled Australian materials

Aero Shockpads can be installed quickly and efficiently to the exact thickness required for playground equipment with an instant audit-ready certificate of compliance to meet the requirements of the AS4422 standard before handover in Australia, while helping the environment through the upcycling of some of the vast stockpiles of this country’s old tyres.

The Aero Shockpad underlay is then covered for wear and durability by A1 Rubber’s colourful CSBR granules, which are pre-coloured, recycled rubber granules available in 18 colours. It’s the only granule specifically produced with Australia’s extreme UV conditions taken into consideration.

The recycled rubber car granules are multi coated in natural humidity-curing MDI polyurethane combined with natural earth-based oxides to resist Australia’s harsh conditions.

Both A1 Rubber Shockpads and CSBR granules are 100 per cent Australian made.

A1 Rubber has been the market leader and central innovator in the rubber wetpour industry for over 30 years. Image A1 Rubber

Other A1 Rubber products

A1 Rubber also imports a range of synthetic EPDM granules which offer bright, vivid colours for use in locations such as waterparks, splash playgrounds or internal applications. A1’s range of EPDM is branded Opal, and is available in 18 colours.

A1 Rubber also manufactures Carnivale Fusion granules, a range of pre-mixed colour combinations. These colour combinations of CSBR and EPDM come in 18 blended colours and price ranges to suit all applications.Polyurethane binder is a key component to ensure quality, durable and long-lasting wetpour installations. A1 Rubber’s Procure is a highly durable, low-yellowing, low-viscosity, quick-curing, natural humidity-curing MDI binder. Procure is a premium product that suits the majority of wet-pour applications, and is also offered in a Hardcure version for high traffic areas such as pathways, golf clubs and aged-care patios.

A1 Rubber not only manufactures rubber surfacing products, but also designs and manufactures the Rotatub wetpour mixer locally in Australia.

The Rotatub has been designed specifically with the installer in mind, packing many features to make rubber wetpour installation as simple and consistent as possible, along with overcoming common installation issues.

After decades of experience and feedback from wetpour installers, A1 Rubber is confident the latest iteration of the Rotatub is the best rubber wetpour mixer in the world.

To learn more of A1 Rubber and its recycled rubber products, log on to a1rubber.com.

Image: A1 Rubber


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