A Turf That’s Beautiful, Sustainable, And Affordable? That’s Tiftuf

Looking for a turf that will provide your clients with a beautiful living space without the exorbitant water bill?

TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda Grass was developed by the world’s leading turf scientists for exactly this purpose and is the first and only turf grass to receive the Smart Approved WaterMark in recognition of its superior drought tolerance.

Lilydale Instant Lawn has been at the forefront of TifTuf development since its inception in 2016. As Victoria’s leading producer of sand-based TifTuf Bermuda, Lilydale Instant Lawn offers superior quality and convenient delivery options for any application.

The result of almost 25 years of research and development, TifTuf has quickly become the industry standard for drought tolerance. Of 27,700 Bermuda varieties tested at The University of Georgia, TifTuf led the field in terms of drought tolerance, shade tolerance, wear tolerance, and winter colour. Incredibly, TifTuf can survive on as little as 12mm of irrigation per week.

More recently, a study at Melbourne Polytechnic compared the performance of TifTuf to three other Bermuda grass varieties – Legend, Santa Ana, and Wintergreen – under drought-like conditions. TifTuf was found to retain greener colour for longer and had significantly higher levels of rhizome production, which the researchers attribute to its impressive drought tolerance.

As our seasons change, the need for hardy, drought-tolerant turf has never been greater. TifTuf is the perfect solution, allowing your clients to escape to their own private oasis year-round with minimal upkeep.

No matter how harsh the conditions, TifTuf retains its rich colour and quality. And with a fine-leaf blade and dense growth, it has a soft feel yet stands up to intense wear. For a lush, vibrant lawn that’s also kind on the environment, you simply can’t go past TifTuf.

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