A Podcast about all things landscaping

Have you ever wondered how you could easily and simply access a wealth of industry knowledge, priceless advice, and interesting landscaping tips from those working in all areas of the industry? Wonder no more, as we have the answer for you.

The Front Garden is a fortnightly podcast that covers the latest in landscaping news, trends, and stories from people within the industry. Hosted by Landscaping Victoria members and experienced landscaping professionals – Tyson Owen of Signature Landscapes and Chris Weiss of Formation Landscapes – “The Front Garden” is now in its third season of production, following the success of the first two seasons.

Filled with fascinating personal stories and journeys, life-changing events, and the highs and lows of their landscaping careers, the podcasts bring together an interesting mix of landscaping professionals offering up their experiences and advice for every industry professional to learn from.

Ever wondered what it is like to have to go to VCAT? Listen to S1 E2.

Need great advice on how to plant plants correctly? Listen to Andrew Smith from Warners on S2 E3 take you through the must-do steps to ensure excellent plant health after installation.

Want to know how you can succeed in landscaping? Listen to Ian Barker’s story in S3 E4.

For business tips from one of the best business minds, download S2 E6 for Marty Semken’s advice on how to grow your business and have clients return to you again and again.

Drop Tyson and Chris a line on tfg@landscapingvictoria.com.au if you have a question you would like them to address or a guest you would like to hear on a future episode. We will get started on bribing them to record an episode!

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