A new central park for Sydney

The NSW Government has announced plans to transform part of Moore Park Golf Course into a new thriving public park for Sydney.

Moore Park Golf Course currently sits on 45 hectares of public land. The land has been operated as a golf course under successive service agreements with the NSW Government, and the current operating agreement expires in June 2026.

From that time, the NSW Government intends to repurpose up to 20 hectares of the golf course into a new central park in the heart of Sydney with more green space, grassroots sports and recreation, pointing out it believes ‘…it’s time this green space in the heart of the city shifts from being used only as a public golf course accessible only to paying golfers into parkland that supports our growing city’.

The Government will commence public consultations with the City of Sydney, the local community, and stakeholders on how best to revitalise this public asset, including for the use of community sport.

A discussion paper will be released in early 2024 to guide this consultation, including consultation with the current operator of Moore Park Golf Course on the future of the remaining holes and the operation of the clubhouse and driving range.

The Government’s preferred option is the western boundary and part of the section north of Dacey Avenue which will maximise accessibility to this much-needed new park for residents of Green Square, Zetland and Waterloo. Green Square urban renewal area presently has 33,000 people living within it. It needs more open space as it is expected to become one of the most densely populated areas in Australia, with the City of Sydney estimating that by 2040, 80,000 residents will live within two kilometres of Moore Park.

Visitors will also be the beneficiaries of access to the new park with over 30 million visits to the neighbouring Centennial Parklands every year.

The NSW Government will commence discussions with the City of Sydney on a memorandum of understanding on ongoing maintenance of the new park.

See more at nsw.gov.au.

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