A light filled landscape Bring your garden to life at night with the creative use of outdoor lighting.

Transform your garden at night and extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space after the sun goes down, with the introduction of lighting.

Creating a scene that is both practical and beautiful.
Whether you are designing for an inner-city courtyard, country garden or coastal escape, you should not underestimate what lighting can do for your landscape. Incorporating a few simple lighting techniques with the correct selection of light fittings will help achieve the perfect balance between safety and practicality; delivering an outdoor space that exudes ambience and style.

The importance of planning early
Whether you’re lighting for a specific task or for safety, your light fittings and lighting techniques will vary according to your requirements or desired effect. It is important to know that where some tasks require direct light, others may require a reflected light from surrounding surfaces. Start by asking yourself how you will be using the space. You may have an alfresco dining, BBQ or services area that requires lighting. Knowing the angle your light needs to be directed and the distance from the object or feature is an important consideration. Understanding the surface your lights will be mounted on and similarly where your lights will be controlled from, will help you understand your requirements and any accessories that may be needed for a stress-free installation.

Lighting can also help guide how you move throughout your space. Knowing the layout of your paths and any changes in levels will help to determine the number of fittings required along with placement of lights to provide a safe environment for family and guests at night.

Take your alfresco dining to after dark
Create a soft atmosphere for your alfresco and dining area by selecting glare free lighting. Also make note of the elevation of your pergola or alfresco area and consider how your guests will move around so your lights are installed at optimal height.

Define your garden with dramatic results
Now that you’ve identified your key requirements; consider how lighting could enhance features within your space. Lighting boundaries and perimeters can help to create depth and sense of space while low level lighting under benches and steps can create a warm and inviting light in the evening.

Reverse the effects of daylight and create contrasts between light and shadow with these simple techniques. Accent lights emphasise a sculpture or define depth of field for boundary trees. These can also be adjusted as plants mature, highlighting the changing colours and seasons. A feature tree can be silhouetted by lighting its backdrop at night. In reverse, casting a shadow of a tree onto a surface can create a dramatic effect. A textured wall can be highlighted by ‘grazing’ its surface with the use of Inground lights and Underwater lighting can create a playful effect in moving water. Linear lighting can also help to define a curved bench seat or edging.

Whatever the size or style of your garden, you can achieve spectacular results when you creatively light your space at night. Always speak with a lighting expert if you require assistance and by using quality non-corrosive fittings, you can be confident your garden lighting will provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment for years to come.

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