A colour for every landscape

Transform outdoor space – think differently about how to use colour to set the mood

A landscape can make us feel excited, peaceful and reflective. Beautiful colours and fragrances stimulate our senses and play with our emotions. They make any landscape scene more vibrant and lively, or calm and restorative. At Ball Australia, they are constantly on the lookout for the next landscape colour heroes. Not only for people’s enjoyment, but for our pollinators – we need them!

The Natures Décor program from Ball Australia offers reliable varieties for urban and city landscapes and aims to put flowering plants back into a landscape. Densely populated areas are more aware of the the immense value urban and city landscapes offer for the well-being of people and wildlife. The colour combinations from Natures Décor are endless and the range of varieties to work with provide a great tool to be inspired by and fit in with the landscape surroundings you are working with. The range of Coleus in Natures Décor offer a wide selection of colours, leaf sizes and varying heights. Creating a lasting spread of foliage, this variety brings impact when planted en masse and the foliage colours become a replacement for flowers. Natures Décor Osteospermums mean one thing – colour. There are new shades and habits entering the market each season with improved breeding to create longer lasting blooms that will stay open all day and night. The three colours in the ‘Power Packed Spider’ range offer a dimension of something different. Unique spoon-like petals that bloom repeatedly and toleratae heat and frost.

The Natures Décor Osteospermum ‘Serenity’ series are highly reliable for planting into large areas. Offering a wide option of colours they are well-suited to cool-season landscapes and coastal environments. To cope with all weather conditions you cannot look past the exciting range of Natures Décor Supercals. Flowering for extended lengths of time, masses of blooms in a good range of colours and a habit that creates a round-mounded effect. Colour should not be the last consideration in a landscape design – let Natures Décor provide variety and interest through the seasons for your next landscape project.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Enquiries contact: Tony Collins at Ball Australia: 0402 155 356 www.ballaustralia.com

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