A Beast of a Machine Minus the Roar

Powerful, fast and quieter than any petrol product you have used before, it’s going to make your old chainsaw feel painfully outdated.

The EGO Power+ Chainsaw was designed to make old petrol products a thing of the past. With EGO’s industry leading 56V ARC Lithium battery you get a powerfully smooth cutting action without any of the hassle of petrol. It’s unlike anything you’ve used before.

We get it, you don’t expect a battery to be powerful enough to run a chainsaw. You’re used to big, noisy, dirty engines. But technology has moved on and our 56V ARC lithium battery has all the power you’ll ever need.

With a 45cm chain and bar, 20 m/s chain speed and built in light as well as an easy tensioning system, this new chainsaw has all the features to give you the power and performance that is renowned with all EGO products.

For more information visit www.egopowerplus.com.au or call 1300 000 EGO (346).

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