20 Questions With James Stampfli

20 Questions With James Stampfli Jimenii Gardens

  1. What’s Your Trade?


  1. How Long Have You Been In The Game?

23 years.

  1. Why Did You Choose Horticulture?

I always enjoyed working outdoors.

  1. Did You Cop Any First-Year Apprentice Initiations?

Yes, someone rubbed a super-hot chilli around the top of my drink bottle once… that hurt.

  1. What Was The Toughest Part Of Your Apprenticeship?

Doing all the worst jobs on site.

  1. Was It A Relief When Your Time Was Up?

Only from the money side of things; the one day at TAFE per week was fun.

  1. What Role Did You Jump Into Once It Was Done?1.

I went travelling OS for a few years and worked for a gardening company in Switzerland.

  1. Did You Feel Like You Got A Little More Respect Around The Site When You Got Your Trade?


  1. What Site Are You On Now?

Many different sites.

  1. What Kind Of Site Do You Mostly Work On? Commercial, Resi?


  1. How Big A Part Does Having The Right Tools For The Job Play For You?

The job cannot be done without them.

  1. Where Do You Want To Take Your Role From Here?

I currently run my own business with six staff. That’s big enough for me.

  1. Do You Work Long Hours?


  1. Do You Get To Travel Much With Your Job?


  1. What’s The Funniest Thing You’ve Seen On Site?

One of my clients got caught in her lift once and I had to rescue her, which took hours.

  1. What’s The Scariest Thing You’ve Seen On Site?

A cross-dressing 80-year-old man.

  1. If You Could Have Picked Any Other Trade, What Would It Have Been?

Plumber, but only because they get paid better.

  1. What Do You Do For Fun Off The Site?

Mountain biking, surfing and good times with family and friends.

  1. What Are Your Long-Term Plans Work-Wise?

Keep working until I’ve had enough.

  1. If You Had To Start Your Time Again, What Would You Have Done Different?


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