Discover the better way to a better lawn

Updated: December 4, 2017

What does it take to make a robotic mower that can work around the clock to deliver a well-kept lawn in every garden – despite bad weather, complex shapes, steep slopes, narrow passages and other obstacles? We would say, it takes more than 20 years of innovation, testing and refinement. Since 1995 we have been developing the original Husqvarna Automower® into the most proven, reliable and extensive robotic mower range available.

The concept behind robotic mowing is to keep grass short. Automower® cuts consistently, in irregular patterns covering every blade of grass to create a smooth surface and consistency. Since the grass is cut more often than traditional mowing, the tiny clippings act as a natural fertiliser for the lawn, which improves the grass condition and prevents the growth of moss.

Husqvarna Automower® also comes with theft protection systems such as theft alarm, personal PIN codes and an installation lock that prevents the robotic mower from functioning on any other installation. Furthermore, select models also feature a built-in GPS with tracking possibilities.

Being electrically powered by a high performance Lithium-Ion battery, Automower® produces no harmful exhaust emissions and is extremely quiet – with noise levels being between 58 – 61dB (A), dependant on the model. This allows Automower® to work around the clock, without disturbing the neighbours.

Among our four different models with various capabilities, you will find the optimal robotic mower to suit your garden and your personal preference.

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